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Our Funding Resources

Our Funding Resources

  1. NISP PC-1 cost about 37,644.682 (Million PKR) with PSDP share as 29,315.976 (Million PKR) and NISP share 8,328.706 (Million PKR)
  2. Co-financing share of GAVI for the procurement of PENTA, Rota and Pneumococcal vaccines.
  3. GAVI provides resources for vaccine procurement and operational cost for measles SIAs
  4. Under the Vaccine Introduction Grant (VIG) component, GAVI provided resources for new vaccine procurement and introduction (IPV in 2015 and Rota 2017)
  5. JICA and MRI provided resources for vaccine bundle procurement for Measles SIAs
  6. WHO and UNICEF provide technical assistance to EPI
  7. With financial and technical assistance of USAID and DELIVER PROJECT, the vaccine inventory was reorganized and updated the Federal EPI warehouse.
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