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Our Key Achievements

Our Key Achievements

Years 2021 & 2022:


In Recent Years:

  • Approval of GAVI/HSS application (USD 84 Million)
  • Successful formulation of Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) with the World Bank under the National Immunization Support Project (2015-20)
  • Centralized procurement of vaccines and logistic in post devolution scenario.
  • National Immunization Policy and National Communication Strategy for routine immunization endorsed and approved by provinces and stakeholders.
  • Development of Effective Vaccine Management-Improvement Plans and its Implementation.
  • Post introduction evaluation (PIE) of Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV- 10)
  • IPV introduced all over country as a part of the endgame polio strategy along with tOPV–bOPV (oral polio vaccine) switch.
  • National introduction of Rota virus vaccine.
  • Up gradation of cold rooms and warehouse as per international standards with ISO certification of the Federal EPI warehouse.
  • Eighteen cold rooms (193.8m3) and six freezer rooms (36.1m3) installed in Federal EPI warehouse.
  •  Enhancement of the cold chain capacity by 45% cold rooms capacity and 120% freezer room capacity by the installation of 09 new CR/FRs. All the cold rooms are equipped with fridge tag 2 and continuous temperature monitoring devices installation in Federal Warehouse.
  • Cold Chain rehabilitation process initiated to replace all aged equipment with WHO pre-qualified cold chain through CCE OP across the country.
  • Improvement in vaccine management through nationwide scale-up and use of Vaccine Logistics Management Information System (vLMIS)
  • FDI website has been launched.
  • Conducted Vaccine Audit at Federal and Provincial level for Gavi supported Vaccines.


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