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Measles still a menace to society

A small insect bite or an ordinary rash on my children gives me a nightmare now” says Muhammad Younis a 41 year overseas Pakistani and a father to 2 beautiful children.

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Pneumonia, the Leading cause of Children Death

I am a fighter and I am ready to face all the test that Allah will put me in” says Quaid-e-Azam, a 35 years energetic Hotel Manager in Ramboor, Kailash Valley, Chitral. Quaid-e-Azam strongly believes that Allah gauges his believers in many ways and the condition of his son is also one of test for him.

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A Family Epidemic

Seeing my seven children suffering from same life threatening condition was more than a couple of month’s long misery as it was a ‘curse in succession, started from my oldest son and did not stop until it got all of my seven innocent children.

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Pneumonia, the Leading cause of Children Death

Its summer time in Kailash Valley, Chitral and Mr. Farman Ullah is interacting with a Government EPI Official to share his strenuous experience trying to save his young daughter who ultimately lost her battle with Pneumonia.

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Measles SIA Field Training Guide

Pakistan is working towards the elimination of the measles virus through implementing all the recommended measles elimination strategies. However due to unsatisfactory routine immunization coverage all over Pakistan, numerous measles outbreaks with thousands of cases have occurred since 2012.

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