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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Evening Outreach Activities is an innovative intervention of Federal Directorate of Immunization, Pakistan implemented in collaboration with UNICEF Pakistan, that is enhancing community's access to immunization services. The initiative is ongoing in in slums of Islamabad covering 34 UCs.

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kazi, DG, #FDI chaired the "National Immunization Technical Advisory Group" NITAG Meeting, also participated by "High Level Joint EPI Mission" members.

A High Level “International Joint EPI Mission” with members from World Health Organization- Pakistan, UNICEF, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Gates Foundation and World Bank is on a visit to Pakistan. Mission held its first meeting chaired by Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kazi, DG, FDI and participated by all Programme Managers from provinces/areas and partner organizations

Dr. Muhammad Akram Shah NPM, EPI receiving briefings from partners 23/24.2.2021

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